No Justice for Trayvon

I have no words for this moment. I try to make sense out of this moment, but I just can’t. George Zimmerman was found not guilty, but Trayvon is dead. George followed Trayvon, with a gun, how can he be found not guilty?
At the end of the day, Trayvon is dead and he was shot by George Zimmerman.
In one way, I fear for my sons, my brothers, my husband, all my loved ones. Six women indirectly told Sybrina and Tracie that the life of the son they bore, was worthless. That his life meant nothing. The life of black male has no value.
I pray for them, I pray for their peace.
I am numb, I am upset and I’m trying not to get angry. I question God…we often have talks about why and how injustice happens. This makes it hard for me to believe.
I have to pray, that’s all I can do.

And yes, even black on black crime, breaks my heart as well.

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