not alone


Have you ever being going through something, and you felt so alone? You felt as if no one will understand, care or have a solution for you?? Doesn’t that suck!!!
The sad part about it, is you are wrong.

‘What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun’ Ecclesiastes 1:9 NIV

Ok so any and everything you’ve done…has been done already. A lot of the time you feel as of your singled out for two reasons: 1) you have the wrong people around you 2) you won’t open your mouth and reach out to those God has placed in your life.

If you think hard enough, you are aware of someone you know who has been through something remotely close to what you’ve gone through.
If you are dealing with a troubled child, and everyone around you seems to have well behaved teenagers*side eye* I’m sure you can remember a cousin, who’s daughter spent some time in juvenile detention. Even if it happened ten years ago, ask. Have you never forget the struggles you endured?
Reach out

I remember after I suffered a miscarriage, I was soo heartbroken and at the moment, I couldn’t understand that it was the work of God and it was the best thing for me. All I knew was that I was hurt and I needed to be reassured that I was gonna be ok. So I reached out to a friend, who didn’t miscarry but has trouble conceiving. She was able to help me because she understood.

I know there maybe times you reach out to others, and you are shamed or persecuted, you have the wrong people around you. A lot of the times, the others are too judgement and just unhappy with themselves to help someone else. If person enlarges your hurt and does not comfort you, change their position in your life. Take it as a lesson learned.

Unhealthy people harbor unhealthy situations. However, if someone is truly bad for you…you know already. God doesn’t want you around people who shame you. Shame is not love, and love is God. And, if you truly don’t know of anyone. Ask God, there could be a bigger lesson in progress.
There is not a storm you have endured that you were meant to keep to yourself. God gives us trials to grow us, so that we can grow others.

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