Our Love Story

You are my husband. I am your wife. There is nothing else in the world that matters, because it doesn’t. We enter into our place, true intimacy lives there. Where you can be yourself fully, and I will be all that I am. Theres is no judgement. Everything we share, we hold close to our hearts.Peace is there. I won’t try to change you, but I will always expect the best from you. Laughter is there. Communication and honesty- honesty that will quiet a lie instantly.This is our secret place, the place that was created just for us. I feel safe. I never want to leave from it.
lips againist my own, I melt inside your arms. I feel your heart, it beats my name Your kiss tells me everything I need to know. The ease of this moment, solidifies my desires. It feels so right, and their is nothing in the world that makes me want to leave here.Soft caress and gentle touches make up, this moment. It’s everything I ever,thought it would be. I hope this last forever. Our covenant. We are met with a force outside of ourselves and we get lost hoping to never be found. Feeling you inside myself, I attempt to take in this moment, but I choose to live it. Our sounds fill the room. My heart is bursting with joy, I look you in the eyes and I see my special place. I see the look of me on your face. Our moments of joy are equal.
I come into my peak of ecstasy as I feel your release inside of me. It’s everything I want it to be. I love and I want it all the time. We shall be joined together forever.
The thought of you and I, becoming one. The best of you and the best parts of me.  She was created in love. It’s a joy to feel our creation grow inside me. The love of us is now growing inside of me. Our ultimate selves, continuing  to conquer the world.
I close my eyes, and I see her. She has my smile. And the rest of her is fine combination of you and I. We mix well, she is beautiful. She is the representation of us, she is the gift God gave us

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