Get out your way *video*


Here is another one of Marie’s videos. If you aren’t familiar, Marie Forleo YouTube videos on how to get the business and life you want. Continue reading

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Under the covers #30days30layers


Under the covers is my solace. You and I. Covers over our heads, darkness all around. This is it. I crave this moment. The intimacy. Continue reading

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Case of loves past


Why do I keep thinking about you
Why are you still crossing my mind
After all that’s happened???? Continue reading

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Slow dance…..


Relationships can be monotonous. Life can become a routine. People get comfortable. Continue reading

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Remembering Whitney


I remember exactly where I was. I was living in Atlanta and had purchased my first home. It was a Saturday, and I decided to paint my bedroom. I was feeling proud of myself, Continue reading

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