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I guess it was about two years ago, when I began to question myself. I began to question exactly why I was created and who I am meant to become. Naturally I went to my creator, and asked for guidance. I was working in the medical field and had been for the past ten years. It paid the bills and formed some friendships along the way, but I knew for sure that was not where I was supposed to be. I never complained about it. As far as my loved ones were concerned, I made it. I had a ‘good ass job’ with benefits. So what more should I ask for.

Through a series of events and some soul searching, I realized that I really enjoyed helping others, but now I needed to figure out how I was gonna that incorporate into a job. I began to explore different career options, and I was amazed at how eager I was ready to begin.  At the moment, I didn’t know how but I knew what I was doing, wasn’t it.
I thought about was it was that helped me change my life. I am still in the midst of a life transformation that began with a desire to be better. I was broken and shattered, and I knew if I remained in that pain, death. So I did what I was always told black folks don’t do, I began psychological therapy. It was a tough ride but It was worth every tear. I confronted demons, acknowledged my emotions, overcame family curses and made peace with my past. I’m better because of it, and I knew I wanted to help others reach there breakthrough.
I had finally realized my purpose and I was still in a place I knew I shouldn’t be. I had awakened my true self yet I was doing nothing about it. And by all means, what’s the point of finding your true self, if you choose to continue live a lie. My better me was calling and I choose to answer. I took some bold moves.  I am living my dream. It wasn’t easy and it still is not, but the peace I have, is priceless.
There is power inside of each of us. The power to change whatever it is that we desire. Yes, I believe in a higher power and there is a map created for each of our lives. But I also believe that we are co-creaters of our lives. We have choices. We have options. And it’s what we’d decide to do with those choices, that make all the difference. Stop saying your waiting on God, I can guarantee that God is waiting on you. Make that call. Send that email. Make amends. Clean up the mess. Ask the right questions. Follow that voice within
We have to power, we have the ability. The life of our dreams, is a lot closer than we think.

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