Pregnant and Dating


Disclaimer:Let me first say that i am not here to judge anyone, I will be the first to admit, that I could be pregnant and single. I am not perfect and I have never claimed to be. But this is my opinion.

I will say that I think the concept of this show is a little much. This show is centered around the lives of pregnant women. All single, all actively dating. The five women are based in Los Angeles. None of the fathers of the children are actively in the women’s life. A couple of the fathers, aren’t aware the women are even pregnant. All women plan to keep their babies. So far one father was told, that due to the couples past, he will not be allowed to be active child’s life.
The reality show, like most, tries to create a glamorous portrayal of their lives. Morning sickness, weight gain and body aches aren’t glamourous. I believe
the show is just one of the many examples that shows society lax attitude toward parenting amd relationships.

So many of us are in a rush! We hop from relationship to relationship, partner to partner never healing. I believe so many of us are afraid to be single. We are afraid to be single because it would force us to face ourselves and our realities.
One of the women, while seven months pregnant with twins, decides to try a matchmaker. During her interview, it was revealed, that the children were conceived from a three year relationship, that ended two months prior to the matchmaker interview. The woman, full of emotions, begans to cry.

Im not sure we understand that relationship jumping only increases the pain we are trying to avoid. Parenting is the biggest responsibility most of us will face. PARENTING IS A BIG DEAL.

From the moment of conception, everything about your life will always directly affect this child. The good, the bad,the ugly and shameful of your life will all be witnessed and passed along to your kid. Children are parents’ direct reflection. Be honest, think of your struggles and bad decisions, did you parents do them first? Kids will always learn from what you do…rarely ever from what you say.

I absolutely wish the best to all the women on the show. I just want us all to understand that as a parent it is not all about you and what you want. There is so much to learn and so much involved with becoming and being a parent. I can’t imagine trying to actively date and get to know someone, when I have so much to learn about the human growing inside me. I would like to believe that my baby deserves the best, including my best.

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