Life is often filled with those moments that could easily be described as not our finest. Many of the most frustrating and confusing moments. You listen to that voice inside of you, that one that’s been telling to you to move for months now- and it’s not telling you anything you hadn’t heard or know. It’s telling you to get up to and make it happen. Its telling you to follow your purpose, it’s telling you the games stop today. So after much hesitation, you do it!! You move out, sign up for that class, end that relationship—- you have just began to the first day of the rest of your life!!
And then…. Nothing happens or maybe everything that was supposed to not happen, is manifesting right before your eyes.
We must realize that everything that is supposed to happen, is gonna happen. The thing we often forget about this life is that it’s never easy, but always worth it. Imagine if things took off as quickly as we hoped, maybe it would be one more thing we take for granted or overlook. There will be hard times, there will tears that will line the paths to out destiny—-remain on course, fight the battles and LIVE! Aren’t you and your life worth

Image:“Woman Pouring Tea From The Teapot Into A White Ceramic Cup” by Sira Anamwong via

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