Remembering Whitney


I remember exactly where I was. I was living in Atlanta and had purchased my first home. It was a Saturday, and I decided to paint my bedroom. I was feeling proud of myself, because
I finally decided to do something about those yellow pale walls, I even missed a friends party to do so. I was in the midst of taking a break, when the radio disk jockey announced that Whitney Houston passed away.
I had to take a moment.
Whitney was like ‘my auntie’ in my head, she reminded me of my mother and I grew up listening to her music. My first thoughts were of Bobbi Kristina, her teenaged daughter. My heart broke for her because I knew this would be difficult for her…I was well into my thirties and my heartbroken at the thought of losing my mother. But of course, my mind wandered to my own mother and friends who were die heart fans of her. Whitney had her issues as we all do, but she had an magnificent talent. There are several theories and thoughts surrounding her life and death, but she will forever be remembered as ‘The Voice’.
Below is my one of my favorite Whitney songs. ‘The Greatest Love of All’ I remember going to the ‘studio’ in the mall and recording this song, when I was 5 years old. It was precious. But this song is also one of my favorites because it speaks to self love and following your own path, being true to yourself and living an authentic life. This is one of the many gems Whitney gave us, and I am forever grateful for her life and her gift.
Rest in Peace Whitney

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