Am I doing this right?

Joi 099

You ever question whether or not what you are doing is right. Well, how I’ve always figured that if you do the right thing, treat people right, things and life SHOULD be a little easier or nicer for you. That’s how I’ve ALWAYS figured it.
But it doesnt always work that way.
so many single women find themselves discouraged after a while. The dreams of marriage and babies seem so unrealistic at times. Its hard to get a decent date let alone a boyfriend. Always wanted babies but with all each passing birthday the dream seem so farfetched. But she wasna good girl, she played by the rules. She wasn’t promiscuous, she got her degree, kept herself together and made everyone proud….but it all seems in vain because the true desires of her heart are unmet. ‘Unconventional’ methods are appealing now but she hates the idea. She just want to know when and where did it all go left.

Or what about the man who admittedly made some mistakes. Hes broken some hearts, did a few things he’s not proud of but he’s doing his best to get himself together. He knows what he wants and he’s willing to work for it….but he cant seem to catch a break. He cries, he prays and he believes but no matter how hare he tries, things never seem to work out. He gets discouraged and sometimes wonders why even try…he’s getting all to familiar with the hurt and disappointment.

We’ve all been there. We all have the pain. It often seems like the season of despair isn’t a seasonal but lifetime supplym consider that maybe you could be doinf the righg things the wrong way. And what works for others will not work for you. You are you, for reason. I submit that maybe this is a part of Gods plan. Everything isn’t for everybody. Even though it seems like it, trouble doesnt last foevwer.And everything isn’t for every season. Trusting God also means trusting his timing and I know for a faxt that nothibg we gl through is in vain. The signs are there, God is talking to you. …are you paying attention

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