What is the rush….


What’s the problem with taking your time? Why are we in such a rush when starting a new relationship? We get so caught up in the moment of meeting someone new, that we rush into a relationship when you have no real clue of who you are really dealing with.

A lot of of are running from the memories of an ex. Most of us are running from what we deem loneliness….but most of us are just running from ourselves.

We all heard the crazy notion, that In order to get over someone, we have to get under someone else. What a mess! You are just trying to look for ways to forget about the ex. But take it from someone who has tried to date someone while having strong feelings for another, it is self torture. Most of the time your new boo will realize that you are not over your ex. Because no matter what the new boo does, some way some how, the ex will always have your mind.

Why cant we take our time and get over our exes, handle the emotions of ending a relationship and the lessons of it.

Is it because you would rather have someone than be lonely? Having someone in your life to fill a space Is very unfair. Unfair to your mate, no one deserves to be a seat filler in someone’s else’s life. Don’t you want the best in your mate, so why deprive someone else of having your best.

Unfair to you, because if your truly have yourself together, you could never be lonely.

And what about getting yourself together…most of is run from relationship to relationship because we are avoiding ourselves. We are avoiding the fact that we are not living our best lives. Avoiding ourselves because if we dealt with ourselves, it would cause us to deal with our shit. We would have to deal with the facts that we could be doing much better than how we are living.

So the next time you think about jumping into a new relationship…ask yourself if you are avoiding anything

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