Sexual abuse


Sexual abuse is more common than you may like to believe. Many of us, have been victims to some type of sexual misconduct. It often is at the hands of a loved one or someone we trust. It may be a total stranger or an associate, but no matter who it is, innocence is lost.
Whether it be touching, grinding, kissing, or actual sex, the violation is real and many of us are dealing the pain from it. Those of us abused will deal with emotional pain and mental anguish. Some become physically violent or promiscuous.
Children and the disabled are often targeted, because they are less likely to tell, the abuser can use threats of harm or danger. Many of us that we’re abused, become abusers. The cycle will continue and people will continue to be hurt. Most abusers dont just target one specific person,they often violate many.
I am not expert on sexual abuse, but I know it’s real. If you have dealt with it or any kind of misconduct please get help. YOU ARE NOT ALONE and you dont have to live in that prison. You dont have to relive the memories. You don’t have to hurt. There is freedom, and there is healing.

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