Someone for me


Throughout my day, my focus is often shifted towards many things and how to make things better. My life is full of friends family and acquaintances. I have something to do, somewhere to be, but I look forward to having someone for me.
I would love to have someone for me. Someone whose embrace I crave when things seem to hard to bare. Someone who thinks of me, and smiles. Someone who thinks of me, while I’m thinking of others. Someone whose day I can make better just by my presence alone.
I long for someone for me. Someone to discuss the latest events with, someone who doesn’t share my point of view on every subject, so I can be reminded that it’s not all about me. Someone to communicate with throughout my day, to make sure he’s ok…and look forward to seeing once my 9-5 is over. Someone who will be my constant companion, my partner, my best friend. Someone to laugh with and discover adventures and dwell in possibilities with. Someone to whisper sweet nothings to and a sweet kiss to share. Someone to irk my nerves, piss me off and make me mad…only to meet on a common ground or just realize whats important. A shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold and a lover to have,
I want my someone for me.

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