Still broken

gracie 252

I sit here and I’m speechless. It hits me and I know it’s the truth. I AM STILL BROKEN!!
I acknowledged the issue and I thought I was working towards healing but it still hurts.
I know that what Ive been praying, striving and hoping for is possible. I mean it has to be! They say it is real but I ain’t never seen it…….
How is it that I’m striving for a place I’m not even sure exist? Do I really believe? Can i really attain it
I want to get better, I need to be better if I’m gonna make something of myself. BUT I DONT KNOW HOW, GOD!!!
How is that I can expect to be in a healthy relationship…when I’ve never seen a relationship that I wanted.
How can i expect to be a better mother to my kids, when my own mother mistreated me and passed on all kinds of dysfunction?
How can i strive to be out of debt and living in financial freedom, when everyone I know is living check to check.
How can I expect to live a better life when I’m full of negative self talk?!?

How can i do this!?!?!…………I gotta keep pushing

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