Stop looking; Lessons from George Zimmerman

I am sure by now we are all familiar with the happenings of the George Zimmerman trial. No after which side you favor, we can all agree that this is an unfortunate situation. As I listen to supporters, I am amazed at how many of us tend to lose common sense or somehow believe that details of this case defy logical thinking. But one thing is for sure,of you listen to Zimmerman’s 911 call, no one can logically deny that George Zimmerman intuited the situation.
Zimmerman stated that he was en route to the grocery store, when he noticed a ‘suspicious’ Trayvon Martin. George reported the information and Instead of relieving himself of the situation, he watched and even began to following Trayvon, even after being told no to. The next events of the night are still In question, but ultimately, a family lost a son, another family has been uprooted and a country is in distress, simply because George decided to go ‘looking’.

How do you relate to Zimmerman, in this instance. How many times have you went looking for some thing that you should just leave alone. It’s happened to us all. I’m lead to say that most of the times, it happens in relationships. We go searching through our partners phones, clothes, and cars. We investigate their social media accounts and business relationships. We even go as far as interrogating their unsuspecting friends. We go looking for evidence, that we don’t want to find. We go searching for things, that will eventually change the course of our lives.
STOP IT!!! Don’t you realize that if it is meant for you to find out something, it will come to you. God doesn’t need your help. How many times have you found stuff out, that you wish you never knew? How many times have you discovered something that was eventually revealed to you through happenstance?
Keep your peace, maintain your happiness. Stop trying to control all the things around you. George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch man, who lived in a not so great neighborhood. There had been break ins and he had called the police to report suspicious activity several times before the shooting of Trayvon Martin. I believe Zimmerman was in alert. And his high alert, caused Trayvon’s death.
If your relationships or situation has you in high alert, remove yourself from it. It will only take one instance when your high alert, will lead you down a path, that will change your life forever.

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