Stop Lying!!!

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What I’m starting to realize is that a lot of us (myself included) tend to tell lies to ourselves and others. Maybe we are thinking the truth would be too mean or we figure no one really cares anyway. But I believe after a while, we start to believe the lies we tell, which eventually turns into a bigger issue that we thought.

Think about it.

How many couples you know that argue like a enemies, and shouldn’t really be together…but on their respective Facebook profiles, they are holding each other smiling like teenagers in love…probably argued five minutes after snapping the photo.

Or how about the parents, who tell nothing but good stories about parenthood when they are overwhelmed and stressed out. Every parent, single or not, feels like they are DROWNING sometimes.

Of course you can’t be one hundred with everyone, but a lot of the times, when people ask you how it’s going, they already have an idea. I believe that most of us are willing to help more than harm. So it’s okay to say you feel in over your head, or that your doing the best you can. You never know some great advice or assistance could be at the other end of your honest answer.

But we all do it, we all lie. Maybe we are ashamed or embarrassed. It’s not so fun to admit that I thought I made the right decision when I quit the bank but I really hate my new job…or maybe it’s: I thought that this was the right move, but I’m pulling my hair out.

The quicker we are honest about what’s going on. The quicker we can go about making then change we need. Defeat is difficult to admit, but we are all human and we all face it. So please stop faking, put down that façade, and get your life.

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