Switch it up

Think about what’s been going on with you…what did you do this week? Is it similar to what you did last week, last month or even last year. Monotonous activity makes for a boring life. How many times are you going to attend the same movie theatre, eat the same food, go to the same bar, do the same activity….why continue to do what is expected?

Listen I get it, change is hard and often very difficult to adapt to…but that’s what life is about! And if there are kids involved, I know that free time isn’t so easy to come by. But you make time for everything else. Why continue to go through life under the radar? You work hard, you do so much for others, do something for yourself.

The changes don’t have to be continuous or even hard to do! Maybe just a one-time unexpected ‘gift’ will give a boost that will make a big difference. Send flowers to HIS job for no reason at all, cut/color/change your hair , no strings attached massage, do that thing you’ve been putting off for so long, unexpected weekend trip away, spa certificate, headphones on- music up- dance like no one is watching, buy those shoes you’ve been eyeing…don’t put any limitations on it. No matter how you say it, keeping yourself or and your life in a good place is going to take some work. But seriously….isn’t it worth it?



image via freedigitalphotos.com “Change Ahead Sign” by mrpuen

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