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Get out your way *video*

Here is another one of Marie’s videos. If you aren’t familiar, Marie Forleo YouTube videos on how to get the business and life you want.

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Case of loves past

Maybe you are an unanswered question
Maybe you represents something I have yet to realize
I always felt like what we had was special
…..but I wonder if you think of me
Probably not, you hadn’t reached out Continue reading

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Slow dance…..

Relationships can be monotonous. Life can become a routine. People get comfortable.

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Words I would Say *video*

If I could talk yo you, this is exactly what I would say. Image via freedigitalphotos.net “Hand Written Text In A Letter” by Simon Howden

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Mixed signals #30layers30days

Mixed signals creating chaos and confusion. Up the down, still but all around. I’d rather there be nothing than questions. Longingly watch me walk arm way after you’ve pushed me to the point of no return.

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