The ideal of you #30layers30days

The ideal of you made me excited with possibilities. The ideal of us becoming one made me believe you were an

answered prayer. The ideal of you complimented me. The idea of you seemed my hearts desires. The ideal you, spoiled me and let me bring forth the king in your. The ideal you would never hurt me, he was there to protect me at all cost. I got lost in the ideal of you. But it would soon learn the idea was not the truth of you. Your actions went against everything the ideal of you stood for. I release the idea and accept the you that stood before me. The ideal that I dreamed up, was not what eye attracted. Maybe the ideal you only connects with the ideal me. So I’ll start there, eye will start with me. Becoming the ideal version of me, so one day soon, eye can meet a better ideal of you than the version eye had.

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