The madness made me do it. #30layers30days


The madness made me do it… I wasn’t in control. It’s like I’m a different person. I am not thinking straight and everyone but me is the problem. I am emotional, hungry irrational, fatigued, irritated, snappy, raging and….DAMN IT LEAVE ME ALONE. But wait before you leave, never mind, just bye.
The madness made me eat that chocolate, slurp that strawberry shake with a side of fries. My favorite jeans won’t fit, my oops hurt and I’m mad about it! The madness made me do it! Maybe in a couple of days I’ll be sorry for calling you and ya mama a pair of incompetent idiots in my head but today, today, I mean it.
I mad about what you said, what you did and maybe I’m overreacting but today I feel well within my right. I am a woman and for a few days, I’m just not myself. My body is in the process of shedding itself and maybe I’m not okay about it. But I don’t have a choose and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, yes the madness made me do, but the madness is responsible for all the things you love too. I am a woman, I love it and damn it, you will deal.

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