The pain of the lesson


We all have been hurt, intentionally or not.
I can admit that there are times I would be mad with someone and I would want for God to no longer bless that person. I wanted that person to have a hard time because they caused me pain.
Well it doesn’t work like that.
Consider that God loves this person as much as he loves me. God wipes your tears as he begins to heal their brokenness. We have all hurt someone and just as we need healing; we need to be forgiven. Hurt people hurt people and it will continue to happen as long as we are on this earth. You can stew in pain and hurt. Or instead of asking God to punish that person; you can ask God to help you mend your brokenness and learn the lesson.
Yes,there is always a lesson, and perhaps you aren’t so forgiving. No, they shouldn’t have hurt you but maybe you should have listened. No one is perfect and God doesn’t expect us to be. I know for me, the hardest part is forgiving myself. Because deep down inside, did I know better? Did I miss signs? But none of that matters now, healing is a priority. Because if we don’t heal, we continue to hurt ourselves and others. Life is a mix of peaks and valleys, how many times you hit the same valley, is your choice.
Hurt people, hurt people. Whole people, heal people.

Photo courtesy of Future” by graur razvan ionut

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