There was God


I’m not sure if I can fully put into words exactly how awesome God is… How good God has been to me. Everything that I am, and will be is, all is his work. Even the broken-ness of me was his will, it’s a testament to his work. I know this is so far out the blue, but understand God has been very good to me. You have no idea how broke and tore down I was when He meet me. No, I’ve always known God been in church my entire life. But that moment- moments, when I was sooo down. I felt unloved, worthless and dead… And that’s when he came. Lifted me up and told me I was his and I was gonna be just fine.
When the doctor wanted to cut on me again- and I knew I couldn’t handle that… There was God. When I was sick in bed and I prayed that God would let me to home- there he was.

My moments of hurt, defeat, the lowest if self esteem, the lowest of self worth, the lowest of honor… There God was!
He was with me all that time.
When my heart was broken, when I was dead broke and didn’t know how… There God was!
When I was upset at and I yelled LEAVE ALONE GOD…. He didn’t leave me he just wrapped his arms around me, and I knew he was there/ I KNEW!!!!
The moments when I was disobedient and cried out because I hurting because I did wrong… There he was!!

You must understand that God has taken me through the roughest of times, he’s never ever let me go. He’s never ever forsaken me, he never ever released me from his love!

Thank you God for showing me true lot/ thank you God for letting me know its okay to love me enough to say NO
Thank you God for your faithfulness
Thank you God for healing me
Thank you God for grace and mercy
Thank you God for making all the difference In my life
Thank you God
I love you with all of me

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