This heartache #30layers30days


This heartache ain’t fair… This heartache ain’t right. I did what I was supposed to do, I followed the rules and prayed about it. But this heartache, I hate it.
It reminds me that no matter how bad I want it, it will never be mine. I was open, I was completely honest and that still wasn’t enough. It hurts, it aches and I want it to go away. This heartache has settled in, keeps me up and wakes me with regrets. This heartache ain’t right, this heartache is mine. The warm tears trail my face as my heart sings a melody I wish it never knew. How do people get over this? I just wish it never exist. This heartache is mine. My heart aches, I just want it go away.

Image: Damaged Heart On Old Paper” by fotographic1980 via

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