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Have you considered time? Not the time as in hour but as in how much you have left in this world. Far too often now, I am notified of deaths, and it seems as though the people are getting younger and the circle is getting closer.
We all know that we’re gonna die but the majority of us live as if we’re gonna be here forever. We put things off, we take things and our loved ones for granted. We figure that we’d do something, one day…but one day is never a part of your calendar.
March 1, 2013, was the beginning of a recovery time for me.  For the three weeks while I rested, I had my fair share of conversations with God. I am sooo thankful!!! I thought about all the times God has protected me, how God has granted mercy upon me throughout my life. I promised myself to began to fully live my life. I knew there were plenty of times I’ve stopped myself from enjoying the days I was blessed with.  I have stopped my happiness. And it was often simple things. Why not go enjoy a park concert ? Wht not enjoy the beautiful spring day? Why not laugh, sing and dance like no one was watching? Was I living my life to its full potential?
A friend invited me to karaoke at a restaurant. I figured ‘why the hell not’. I made myself a promise, I wasn’t gonna stop myself from a great night. Besides, I’d never been! While at karaoke, I met the DJ. His name was Darryl, and he encouraged us to get up and sing.  We had a great time, sang along with people, we laughed good and ate better. I enjoyed myself. I told myself it was only the beginning of my new lease on life.
Six weeks later, my church held a funeral for Darryl. He was healthy, he exercised, ate well and he died of a heart attack.
The pastor at Darryl’s funeral spoke about taking advantage of life. He spoke about missed opportunities. He spoke about how he and Darryl planned to play golf together several times, but it never panned through. He missed an opportunity to spend time with his friend, who he was about to bury.
I can’t help but to believe that God is sending us a message.  Think of someone you know who passed away. Do you believe they lived their best life? Can you commentate their life, by beginning to live yours?


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