Tired of strong

gracie 429

I’m tired of being strong. I tried of the standing tall against the trials and tribulations. Tired of fighting the battles, tired of the broken heart. Tired of the disappointments, the resentments- survival scars. I tired of crying rivers and acting as if it doesn’t stung. I’m tired, I’m tired im tired. Tired of hoping for the best, and praying like my faith hasn’t seen low points. Tired of believing one day, it’ll all make sense. For once, can I catch a break? Can i collapse under the pressure? Can the storm skip me- can I be the person on the other side? And if it must come, can I just be honest enough to say that I’m not sure Im gonna make it. Nope-i sure can’t! There are times that I feel defeated, but because you love and died for me- I already know victory is mine. I have won the battle before I began to fight. And these battle scar, broken pieces of my heart, my rivers of tears only prove that I’m a survivor. That I made it through, and i still have a lot to smile about.

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