To you

couple man in background

To you, who I once loved with every bit of my heart
To you, the one who I shared great memories with
To you the one who was once the best part of my life
To you, you made my heart smile wide
To you, and just like that, it was different
To you, I noticed the change, long before I said it
To you, I was in denial way before I noticed it
To you, who hit me where it hurt
To you, the trust is gone,
To you, the tears were real
To you, I tried to look in your eyes
To you, your avoidance…..
To you, you know what you did, only you and I was a part of it
To you, I thought those tears would never dry
To you, it felt like death inside my chest
To you, some days were all a blur
To you, I just wanted one more moment
To you, I prayed like my life depended on it
To you, slowly but surely, it got better
To you, I look back now and I smile
To you, to put it simply: I thank you
To you, eventually I made it through
To you, and even til this day, I still love you
To you, sounds crazy when I say it sometimes
To you, don’t worry you made me a survivor
To you, im not sure if your apology was true
To you, but don’t worry, it really doesn’t matter
To you, I am grateful for the lessons you taught me
To you, I am glad we spent that time together
To you, our time together led me down a path
To you, I found myself at the end of that road
To you, and she has nothing to do with youTo you………..

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