trust the process


I’ve been an avid smoothie maker for well over a year. I pretty much have it down to a science. Its been one of the greatest health decisions I’ve made plus everyday I do it.. Is another day to loving me better. Late in the evening, I load my blender with the frozen strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, a cup of spinach (easy way to add serving of green veggies, I never taste the spinach but it adds additional color) and a banana. I let the fruits set overnight in the refrigerator to thaw. In the morning, I add my thickener ( low fat yogurt, or almond milk) and I place it on the blender and give it a go. The fruit begins in a chop fight, food is being cut up, milk is being tossed around, then it looks like porridge or strawberry milk with lumps. The ready stage is what I call the smooth tornado: All things are mixed finely and if I glance inside for atop, it reminds me of a colorful tornado. With all things repetition brings familiarity , so I know with 90 seconds at top speed, the smoothie is ready for my belly!! On one particular day, I had done the usual process but 3 minutes had passed and my smoothie was not ready. instead it was a messy porridge and I knew something was up. I hadn’t put anything extra inside, so what was the problem?
I take the top off and I glance inside. ‘trust the process’
I have done this many times before so occasionally, I stick the tip of the spoon slightly inside to edge the process along. But for the first time ever: SPLAT!! Smoothie in my EYE!! I wash my eye out and notice that my counter, my clothes and the every where else was perfectly spotless. My right eye was the only thing that caught smoothie!! I return to my blender, still running, I glance inside and what do I see: my perfect smooth tornado.

‘don’t worry about what you SEE, just trust the process’

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