One of the biggest things that so many of us deal with is trust. Sometimes we pray for something and a lot of times, we imagine that the prayer would be answered in the way we see fit. Sometimes it’s difficult for us to open ourselves up for the full capabilities of God. We take in consideration what we want and need…and maybe we take Into consideration our limited knowledge of others involved.
But that’s the thing…there isso much  that we dont know about. And that’s where trust comes into play. Trusting God. trusting that wherever he leads us..that is exactly where we are supposed to be as we live out Gods will.
no, it’s not all about us.
We must learn to trust and fully let go! Because when we get in the midst of what we want to happen, we screw it up.

I prayed for a change a few years ago..nothing happened. So I made a change.I moved out of state, closer to family. It that was one of the worst decisions ever. True, I learned a lot but if I had just waited to chilled out..I would have saved myself a lot of heartache.

So you’ve been praying for a new job working for a particular non profit, where you happen to have a ‘hook up’ at:
But what if that company will be defunct in six months and the job God has for you, is two states away and offers you a ten thousand dollar salary increase.

You’ve been praying for that contract on that house to come through:
But what if the owners of the bigger, power efficient home two houses down, will be going into short sale within a month, and the amounts are equal a difference in mortgage time reduced to fifteen years versus the standard thirty.

you have to let go. You have to trust God.



image via“Christianity Cross” by graur razvan ionut

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