When you don’t express it #30layers30days


When you don’t express it, it kills you. It festers inside of you and controls your thoughts. When you don’t express it, it becomes a part of you instead of what happened to you. It’s with you in the morning, while you drive, when you smile and distracts your rest. It stops you from enjoying the life you have and causes more problems when you don’t express it. When you don’t express it, it takes over, it commands your attention, when you don’t deal with it, you will never heal. When you don’t express it, it never goes away. The longer you hold it in, the worst it becomes. It effects your health, it turns into chest pain, body aches, depression and anxiety. When you don’t express it, your relationships will never be the same. It will never stop, things will not get better until you express it.
It’s difficult to reveal it, but it’s worse to hold it in. Be authentic to yourself, be everything you need. Have that difficult conversation, confront the things that matter the most. What you truly desire, what matters the most, is waiting.

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