Words from Hosea Chanchez


I follow actor Hosea Chanchez on twitter (Malik on The Game). And he twitted something very profound recently. He has been absent from twitter for nearly a year, and this was his first tweet from that time. He wrote about four paragraphs speaking about a lot of things, mostly about what’s ahead and what has happened with the tv show. However, its his first paragraph that actually caught my attention. He speaks a lot about your surroundings and the effects that it plays on our lives.  It made SO MUCH SENSE to me. I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I’m gonna share it with you. Maybe it’s the fact that Hosea and I are a day apart (VIRGOS!!!!!) but I pretty much agree with everything he said. And the grammatical errors are his…I have my own so I’m not judging

World, its been a while i guess i figured out a long time ago that social media just isnt my thing. ive been at a place in my life for the past year where i dont want to see anything thats not good, positive, uplifting, happy, giving, loving, sharing, hopeful, optimistic, or from GOD. what you allow into your mind, body, soul has to be protected, guarded, grounded, sound, firm, and of a good source, no exceptions! your mind, like your body has to be protected and monitored in order to live the positive life to want. all it takes is one persons dumb, ignorant, incorrect, moody, miss-guided opinion to change the scope of your day, life, moment. I’ve found that the idea of “following” or friending anyone who’s proven to be a follower in life, childish, ignorant, selfish, self centered, non accountable, self loathing, or arrogant isnt what a real man should do. sometimes we men use our powers for the wrong things and we allow money, fame, persuasion, jobs, women, sex, power, envy, insecurity, peers to cloud our vision. for me, there is nothing worse than a man who has no accountability to other people or even themselves. or the ignorant artist/actor/musician/athletes who feels they have no accountability to inspire, encourage and LEAD people to a better place when they have the power of persuasion, not all just some. people open your eyes and find your freedom and independence. 

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