You go First


It all started on a Saturday. I told myself that come monday morning, I was gonna call my doctors office and start the process. They told me they had faxed the paperwork but my job said no such info had been faxed. So fine, call and leave a message, ask for my doctors receptionist to refax info. pretty easy right? Monday- Didnt call Nope Tuesday either Wednesday, I thought about it but nope. Thursday morning, I woke up and the situation came to a head. Called the doctors office, the assistant is out- the temp needs to call me back Called my job, can I come talk to you- oh no- you need to call me back too. Ok fine. I tried, right. I’m headed to work. The doctors office calls, oh we have the paperwork, and we will refax. Oh sure you can come get it. I was two exits from the doctors office. Left the office paperwork in hand, not even a mile from the doctors office, my job calls. Me and my paperwork will be there in twenty minutes Get there, and things fall exactly how I hoped. Every office involved could have said no, could have pushed me to the side. But all it took was for me to take five minutes out of My day, made the calls and everyone and everything was corporative. For whatever reason, we put things off. But a lot of the times if we just make the first step and let it be. God has got you covered, how many times has he shown you that?

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